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Swimming with Thiago Pereira includes actions related to the environment and social responsibility

Thiago Pereira is the ambassador of the Swimming with Thiago Pereira project, which started in August 2022 in Volta Redonda, Brazil. The project, in partnership with the Thiago Pereira Institute, includes actions focused on the environment and operates in the field of social responsibility.

Targeting children and adolescents between 7 and 17 years old, teaching them how to swim to reduce the risk of drowning, the project provides all the necessary infrastructure and technical support for swimming practice. The young participants receive all the materials needed for the sport, such as uniforms, swimsuits, swim caps, and goggles. Additionally, the organizers distribute snack kits in every class.

"The snacks help with the students' nutrition, providing something for after the activity. Each student receives a juice box, a 30g cookie, and a cereal bar daily after each class," commented Carlos Eduardo de Sá, also known as Caê, the project's technical coordinator.

Inclusion is also an integral part of the work with the students. Initially, 50% of the spots were intended for children and teenagers from public schools in Volta Redonda, but the goal was surpassed, and now the number reaches 70%, including some students with Down Syndrome.

Environmental Impact

Some of the project's goals are based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations for 2030.

The actions, carried out by the Thiago Pereira Institute, aim to encourage children to develop awareness regarding the planet and our society, as well as the importance of water preservation and other natural resources.

One of the initiatives, the collection of plastic caps, was converted into a wheelchair for the Aquatic Park.

"The collection of caps is an action aimed at benefiting society and raising awareness about the need to reduce plastic waste and its disposal. Our effort in collecting these caps will be converted into a wheelchair, an item we need here at the Aquatic Park," added Caê.

In addition to the caps, posters were placed throughout the park with information about the preservation of the Paraíba do Sul River, aiming to raise awareness among students and visitors.

"As the Aquatic Park is surrounded by the Paraíba do Sul River, this is a highly relevant action. We created a set of signs to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our river and provide guidance on how to do so. It is a way to prepare our children to preserve the world today for tomorrow," concluded the project's technical coordinator.

Supported by the Brazilian Federal Law for Sports Incentive, the Swimming with Thiago Pereira project has served 280 children and adolescents since August 2022. One of Thiago's goals is to raise awareness about drowning, which is the second leading cause of accidental death among children and adolescents aged zero to 14, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

As a way to combat this reality in Brazil, the Swimming with Thiago Pereira project focuses on teaching swimming, promoting better health, and instilling important values in children, without the aim of preparing them for high-performance sports or competitions.

The initiative is sponsored by the CSN Foundation and CSN - Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (one of the most important Brazilian steel companies), EQI Investimentos, and Viação Urubupungá through the Federal Law for Sports Incentive.

Volta Redonda (RJ) is home to the main industrial plant of CSN, the Presidente Vargas Steel Mill, and where the CSN Foundation has its own projects, such as Garoto Cidadão. The Swimming with Thiago Pereira project also has partnerships with the Municipal Department of Sports and Recreation and the City Hall of Volta Redonda.


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