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Students from the Swimming With Thiago Pereira Project plant seedlings in Volta Redonda (RJ)

Swimming With Thiago Pereira, project conceived by the Olympic medalist, offers swimming lessons to children and teenagers, along with the necessary infrastructure and technical support for the sport, in partnership with the City Hall of Volta Redonda (RJ).

In addition, the students are encouraged to engage in socio-environmental practices to raise awareness within the community and promote environmental preservation. Last week, the children from the Project participated in planting seedlings and vegetables in the flowerbed located within the Aquatic Park, next to the pools.

The activity was carried out with each group of the project, which serves a total of 280 children, and was organized by the recently established Thiago Pereira Institute, which aims to transmit important values through sports, as it is an environment where these values are more likely to be absorbed.

"It is a moment in which the students experience the cycle of life. They learn to take care of plants, observe the colors and shapes of leaves, experience new aromas, recognize vegetables, and get their hands in the soil, learning to prepare the environment for future harvests."
"They enjoyed it a lot, and we will have more moments like this throughout the project," commented Carlos Eduardo de Sá, known as Caê, technical coordinator of the project and one of the initiators of the initiative.

The planting was carried out simultaneously with two groups, and the main objective was for the students to get to know the space and start cleaning it. There are plans to conduct more planting and necessary maintenance in the area.

About the Swimming With Thiago Pereira Project

The Swimming With Thiago Pereira Project started in August 2022 and serves children and teenagers between the ages of 7 and 17 in Volta Redonda (RJ), the city where the Olympic medalist was born. Supported by the Federal Law of Sports Incentive, the project aims to provide swimming lessons and promote better health and important values among the children.

Moreover, one of Thiago's goals is to raise awareness about drowning, which is the second leading cause of accidental death among children and teenagers aged zero to 14, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Thiago himself survived a drowning incident at the age of 2.

The initiative is sponsored by the CSN Foundation and CSN - Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional, EQI Investimentos, and Viação Urubupungá through the Incentive Law. Volta Redonda (RJ) is home to CSN's main steel mill, the Presidente Vargas Plant, and has its own projects by the CSN Foundation, such as the Garoto Cidadão (Citizen Boy) program.

Swimming With Thiago Pereira also has the partnership of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Secretariat and the Volta Redonda City Hall. For more information, please contact (24) 3339-2480.

About the Thiago Pereira Institute

Sports is a silent teacher that allows important values to be transmitted while we are in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, facilitating the assimilation of these principles.

The Thiago Pereira Institute aims to fight for universal access to sports to build a healthier society. We promote the values of sports to be disseminated and multiplied, helping to shape the citizens of the future in the present. We work to make swimming a widespread and accessible tool for drowning prevention."


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